Home Birth in Trenton, New Jersey

Midwifery Care Associates is a joint private midwifery practice providing families with hospital and home births in Trenton, New Jersey.

More and more, over the past two decades, women are taking more active roles in exploring their childbirth options. The most basic of these is whether to give birth in the home or in a hospital setting. Another fundamental question is “who do I want to assist me in the delivery of my child?” These choices and more are yours to make.


Women and the Experience of Home Birth in Trenton, NJ :

Working throughout the area, we serve as midwives for both hospital and home birth in Trenton, New Jersey. We are here to help you, keep you informed and to honor your decisions concerning the birth of your child.

If giving birth at home is important to you, the midwives at Midwifery Care Associates will do everything we can to help you bring it about.

The choice of low-risk women to give birth at home is seen as a recognition of the rights of these individuals and their families to share responsibility for their own birth screening and preventive prenatal care. Supported by individual medical back-up plans for unanticipated birth complications, a safe and healthy outcome may be achieved for most women in Trenton, NJ.

Should a hospital be your choice, we are affiliated with one of the best and most supportive facilities in New Jersey. Our longstanding and unique relationship with Capital Health physicians and nurses ensures continuity of care, as well as a level of support that respects the wishes of the mother and her family. Our hospital admitting privileges at Capital Health Hopewell Campus, just off Exit 3 of I-95, make us part of the Baby-Friendly team of nurses, physicians, and helpful staff. If risk factors arise that necessitate a hospital birth, you are secure in knowing that your care will continue with your own trusted birth team.

At MCA, we believe every woman has the right to safe, sensitive care, provided with respect for her individual wishes, cultural background, and her right to self-determination. We feel the healthy family unit is the basis for our communities’ and ultimately our nation’s health. Our goal is to provide care in a manner which promotes family strength and unity. We share mutual responsibilities with each of our clients in promoting and maintaining high standards for quality care, and keeping the lines of communication open and honest.

Your Home Birth in Trenton is Just the Beginning

Your experience with Midwifery Care Associates does not end once your child is born. Our commitment to you is all-encompassing; we’re available to you 24/7 as part of our commitment to meeting your continuing health needs.

Home Birth in Trenton, NJ: Midwifery Care for a Lifetime

You can rely on us for follow-up and well-woman care, postpartum and newborn care, breastfeeding issues and more. The bond that is formed between midwives and mothers can be deep, and it deepens further with time. We have the honor of bearing witness to the growth of your family, and the growth of your self-awareness and power as a mother. Everyone here at Midwifery Care Associates takes joy in your return visits, cards and photos. It is easy to see why women choose us to give them the loving care they need in their journey through the life cycle.

You and Home Birth in Trenton, NJ:
Be Part of Something Big

We are fortunate to have clinical preceptorships with two premier midwifery education programs, both the University of Pennsylvania Masters Program in Nurse Midwifery and Frontier Nursing University. It is our joy to see our student midwives blossom into safe and competent beginning practitioners. When you agree to student participation in your MCA experience, you are helping to ensure the continuation of the knowledge and tradition of the midwifery practice you have chosen for your hospital birth or home birth in Trenton, New Jersey.