Midwives and Home Birth in Clinton, New Jersey

Midwifery Care Associates is a joint private midwifery practice providing families with hospital and home births in Clinton, New Jersey..

It is becoming increasingly common for women to expect to be more active and involved participants when considering the options open to them in childbirth. One of the fundamental birth decisions is the setting – home or hospital – which one is right for you? And it is perfectly valid for you to ask, “Who will be there to help and care for me during the birth of my child?” We feel very strongly that questions like these are yours to explore, and we’re here to help you determine which choices you want to make.


Women and the Experience of
Working with Midwives in Clinton, NJ

We serve as midwives for both hospital and home birth in Clinton, New Jersey. We’re here to assist women, providing loving care for mother and child. We’re dedicated to keeping you healthy and informed, placing top priority on supporting and honoring the decisions you make throughout your pregnancy and birth.

If the experience of giving birth at home is your choice, and all criteria are met, we will make every effort to see it through with you.

For many low-risk women and their families, exercising the right to share in the responsibilities for birth screening as well as their own preventive prenatal care is very important. The safety and health of both mother and child are further supported in the event of unanticipated complications by ensuring that you have a personal and comprehensive medical back-up plan.

If you prefer to give birth in a hospital setting, our affiliate, Capital Health, is known for its supportive childbirth programs. It is one of the premier facilities in New Jersey, located at Capital Health Hopewell Campus, off Exit 3 of I-95. Due to our close relationship with Capital Health’s physicians and nurses, we can make sure you have the correct continuity of care; they are people who have the highest respect for the wishes of mothers and their families. You’ll have the expert support of your own trusted, baby-friendly team.

At MCA, one of our deepest held beliefs is that the our nation’s health is built upon a foundation of healthy families and healthy communities. We also believe that all women deserve respect for their diverse cultural backgrounds and individual wishes; they have the right to a safe, caring pregnancy and birth. It is understood that the responsibility for such quality care is shared in the intimate relationship between our staff and our clients. Our high standards are maintained in an atmosphere of honest, open communication.

Your Home Birth in Clinton is Only the Beginning

Your relationship with Midwifery Care Associates continues after your baby is born. Your continuing health and well being is of ongoing concern to us. Caring for you is an all-encompassing commitment for us, and we’re available to you 24/7.

In Clinton, NJ: Midwives and
Midwifery Care That Lasts a Lifetime

Mothers and their midwives share a profound bond that grows deeper with time. We feel very privileged that you’ve chosen us to help you and your growing family. Throughout your experience, everyone here at Midwifery Care Associates are grateful to witness you coming to greater self-awareness and power as a mother. We welcome your return visits, your photos, letter and cards. We’ll be giving you the same, individualized and loving care that we give to all the women who choose to participate in their births with us – women who come back to birth with us again and again as their families grow.

Clinton, NJ Home Birth is Part of Something Bigger

Our ongoing commitment to safe and compassionate birth is exemplified in our student midwives and their education programs. Our clinical preceptorships with the University of Pennsylvania and Frontier Nursing University provide us with the opportunity to offer women real-world experience in a thriving midwifery practice. As a mother-to-be, your consent to allowing our student midwives to participate in your birth experience plays a vital part of ensuring that future generations of both mothers and midwives will continue to benefit from the invaluable knowledge and traditions of midwifery. We are very thankful that you’ve decided to have your hospital birth or home birth with midwives in Clinton, New Jersey.