Our Practice

Your personal consultation with the midwives and staff of Midwifery Care is the best way to get a feel for who we are. Here are a few fundamental things we would like you to know about us:

The atmosphere we create in our small practice is best described as balancing professionalism with personal accessibility. We are uniquely responsive to your visits and calls.

We’re committed to giving the same highly individualized care to you and your family that we would want for ourselves, our own sisters and daughters.  Limiting the number of births we take on each month strengthens our ability to maintain this standard.

We feel it’s important that you know that you are truly your own best advocate for the care you want for yourself and your child. And we are parent advocates. Our role is to have full command of all the facts, giving you access to those that inform and back up your decisions.

Since its inception in 1990 our practice has grown and served over 1450 families.  Counting the years the three primary midwives have engaged in birth care, nearly forty-eight years between us, we present women like you with the most experienced team available.  We anticipate many more years, and more Happy Birthdays!