What’s Different About MCA?

Reach a Midwife 24/7
For any question or any concern at any time, day or night. Even if we’re busy at a birth, just call 800-553-3824 to reach our service and you’ll be speaking with a midwife within minutes.

The Safest Choice for Low Risk Women
Research shows equal or superior outcomes when home births are attended by seasoned midwives within a coordinated system of care.

Revolutionary Hospital Backup
Our mutually supportive relationship with Capital Health gives us an in-house backup team of doctors and other board certified professionals so that we can ensure continuity of care and smooth transitions.

Unsurpassed Level of Care
It’s the face time – we are there, present with you, for every phase of your birth. The word “midwife” means “with woman.” We take that meaning to heart.

New Jersey’s Most Established Home and Hospital Birth Practice
We have a 25-year record of caring service and low-risk home and hospital births.

Active and Participatory
We work together with our clients to assess risk factors, help them gain greater awareness of all their options. No other practice offers you the same degree of autonomy and participation that we do.

Taking the Time to Care
Today’s insurance company-dominated, authoritarian system is based on volume – a style of care that severely limits the time spent with you. By keeping our caseload small we can commit more of our time, expertise, and our caring to you.

We Are Close By
Licensed in both NJ and PA, our office and hospital are central and convenient. From central NJ to the shore, from upper Bucks County to Philadelphia, we can be your home base for excellent midwifery care.

Have the Birth Experience You Want
Finances are important to us all, but should not keep you from having the birth you truly want. Most insurance plans with out-of-network benefits will reimburse a high percentage of our fee.


More Than a Vacation
Many people routinely spend tens of thousands of dollars on things like vacations, cars, entertainment centers, weddings, home improvements. The real question is: Why would anyone be willing to spend more on any of these than on the birth of their own child?

The Insurance Myth
Culturally, we’re all attuned to thinking that because we pay for health insurance, that all the services we receive should be without further cost. Having insurance does not mean that your health services or your birth care are free.

More people are waking up to the fact that there is a critical trade-off. When your out-of-pocket expenses are lower, you’re agreeing to give up much of your autonomy, your potential for real informed consent. The time your care professionals will be able to spend with you individually is sharply limited. Further, at the hospital, you will likely be attended by people you’ve never even met. Why sacrifice having midwives who know you well, who are with you every step of the way? Why trade away the very things that will contribute to the birth experience you are hoping for?