Hospital Birth

When seeking an alternative to home birth, by choice or due to clinical risk factors, your hospital birth under our care is a unique experience. You receive the same meticulous prenatal care to identify and resolve risk factors, in conjunction with our associated medical resources. This means that you will have ample time in each prenatal encounter to fully address your questions and concerns. 

The crucial difference between us and other practices is in our approach to labor care. We are committed to giving you continuous support and attendance for your birth. You’ll never be left alone or handed off to a stranger from the time we meet you at the hospital through the hours following your newborn’s arrival.

We’re proud and fortunate to have a close, supportive relationship with our backup physicians. The result is a high level of autonomy at the hospital that still enables us to practice true midwifery.

Prenatal classes are strongly recommended when having your first baby. Labor is very demanding, and equipping yourself with a good set of coping skills is both practical and smart.

Our statistics demonstrate a low rate of medical intervention, as we focus on natural techniques for mitigating labor pain and stimulating contractions. The physical and emotional support you receive during labor helps shape your perception of the experience. More importantly, it also can help you focus on our shared goals of a healthy mother and baby, a vaginal birth, and even having the birth of your dreams.
Our hospital is set up to avoid any separation of you and your baby, unless it is absolutely necessary for the baby’s condition. Its baby-friendly status means that everyone who comes into contact with you will understand the importance of babies and mothers breastfeeding and staying together. Co-parents may be present around the clock, and siblings and grandparents are welcome to visit.