Pre-Conception Counseling

The period of time prior to getting pregnant is a time of planning. Your pre-conception visit can help you gather the information to make sound decisions for your birth and your baby. It’s crucial that you receive the attention and support you deserve to prepare yourself. We’ll also help you and your partner to pinpoint areas in your lifestyle, or in your medical and family history that can affect your pregnancy.
Pre-conception counseling can help identify potential genetic vulnerabilities.  If necessary, we can refer you and your partner to a genetic counselor for a detailed evaluation of individual risk factors.  We’re even here help you to resolve any existing illness or lifestyle issues that may have an impact on your pregnancy.
While in many cases the free consultation is sufficient, some women may want a more comprehensive preconception visit. For this, a complete well woman exam is advised, as well as a conversation about immunity status to viruses like rubella and pertussis.  Together we can review your diet and exercise routines, look into any herbs or medications you routinely take, and evaluate your need for vitamin supplementation. We’ll discuss fertility awareness in order to help you achieve and sustain a healthy pregnancy.